Our Process for New Orders

​1. Initial Evaluation

  • ​​Home visit for measurements and fitting done by ATP
  • ​Insurance verification
  • ​Custom configuration and mapping by ATP

2. Composing of Medical Documentation 

  • ​Technical review of order
  • Involvement of outside sources to obtain documentation to approve funding

3. Funding Approval Process

  • ​Authorization filing

4. Building Your Equipment 

  • ​Order, purchase and delivery of equipment
  • ​Verification 
  • Assemble and quality check

5.​ Delivery

  • ​Schedule and delivery  

​​We work to be as transparent and progressive with our patients as possible. The order process from first evaluation to the delivery of your equipment is complex and involves multiple parties, both in and outside of Pediatric Mobility Innovations. We will do all we can to optimize the process and reduce the time involved and we will do our best to keep you apprised of your order.

To get an update on where your equipment is in the process, email customerservice@pmisc.com

Here is a basic overview of our process to help give you an idea of what to expect. 

Contact Us: 803-399-1142

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